5 Tips Every Remote Working Parent Needs to Know

Is balancing parenting with your office work so hard for you? With Philippine companies adopting a remote work setup and backed up by the approved telecommuting law, this might now be an option for you!


As a parent of the digital age, taking the dive into this bizarre world might be the only answer for balance; especially within your children’s formative years. But one might seem to wonder how to possibly manage a household with a full-time remote job? How can you be productive when your familial duties are literally behind you?


Fret not, we give you useful tips to help you remote work as a Parent.


Talk with your Children

Talk with your Children 5 Tips Every Remote Working Parent Needs to Know

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Actually, it would totally depend on their age. Usually, the older children are at school anyway. But if you are left with toddlers, it is best if you can prepare them emotionally as to the setup. These are kids that don’t know the fine line between play time and work time at home. They can often create constant interruption demanding anything they cutely want. With this problem, try to devise creative ways to signal that you are working for that time. Maybe put a color-coded sign in your work area; like a red stop light sign. You can also separate a play area for them to buy you hours of time.


Setup an “Office Space”

Setup an  Office Space  5 Tips Every Remote Working Parent Needs to Know

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Speaking of a work area, there should be a designated “office space” for you in the house. This area should only be a “work only” zone. And, as much as possible, toys or anything not related to your job should be stashed away from this place. You must create this structure to fully be in the zone in this zone.


Create a Routine

Create a Routine 5 Tips Every Remote Working Parent Needs to Know

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Having the convenience of a work from home setup can lead to being unproductive. To combat this disadvantage, a simple daily routine can cure this inherent disease. Try to schedule beforehand clearly defined time schedules for work. When done consistently, people in your house will know when to disturb you or not (even your kids). And for yourself, you are slowly programmed to finish certain tasks at the allowable pockets of time.


Communicate with your Employer, Colleagues, and Clients

  Communicate with your Employer Colleagues and Clients 5 Tips Every Remote Working Parent Needs to Know  

Certain mishaps may arise from time to time. Your child might walk into a conference call because he is hungry or other “Parent-y” emergencies. With this in mind, you can ask your colleagues or clients earlier just in case it happens. At least they wouldn’t wonder why your mic suddenly went mute.


Reward Yourself


After a day’s work, make sure to reward yourself for a job well done. With absentee parents being a norm, choosing to find a compromise to spend more time with your family is certainly your best decision thus far. Now, head to that spa reservation, you deserve it!

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