6 Amazing Ways to Spice Up Your Leftover Food

I know how tired you are of hearing about the status of today’s global economy, but it is something that you must be aware of. While times are more challenging than before, you may practice to be savvy at home. Start by applying the techniques that has been passed down to you from generations to generations.


Do not waste your leftovers by making it more appealing to your family. Spice things up by following these tips:


Soup for the Soul

Soup for the Soul 6 Amazing Ways to Spice Up Your Leftover Food

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As a child, my mother used to cook delectable soups to alleviate the pain I felt. Relive the warmth of your childhood by whipping a good soup from your leftover veggies. Gather all the steamed, roasted, or grilled vegetables from last night’s dinner.


Turn this “side dishes” into a warm meal by blending the ingredients with 3 cups of chicken broth. Heat up the soup in a pot for several minutes. Then, season it with salt and pepper. You may add a tad of croutons and olive oil as well.


Freshness of Bread

Freshness of Bread 6 Amazing Ways to Spice Up Your Leftover Food

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Filipinos love to throw huge parties for their families and we did just that. Last week, my family dedicated an entire week to celebrate my lovely sister’s birthday. She turned 18 – the legal age in many countries. I can vividly recall the playful sensations that I experienced during this week. If only I can relive it again!


One of the cuisines that we danced around the most was Italian. Italian food will not be complete without a side of bread. If your loaf of bread loses its freshness after two days, you may do what some Italians do. They simply cut the loaf crosswise and drizzle it with olive oil. Afterwards, they rub a half of ripe tomato onto it. Season the bread with salt and pepper. Heat it up for optimum condition!


Five-minute Meal

Five minute Meal 6 Amazing Ways to Spice Up Your Leftover Food

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For individuals who are always on the go, you may use your leftovers to make a five-minute meal without cooking. You read that right! Making a salad can accommodate to any types of addition. Leftover chicken, dips, or veggies are welcomed as experimenting is highly encouraged. For instance, you may switch your lettuce base with cucumber or spinach.


Throw in some vinegar and olive oil to complete the healthy dish!


Toppings With a Twist

Toppings With a Twist 6 Amazing Ways to Spice Up Your Leftover Food

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Say that you hosted a study group last night. One of the fast food staples is the box of pizza. Ohhhhhhhh pizza! It is hard to be friends with a person who hates this pan of goodness. If there were several slices of pizza left, start by asking yourself how was it possible. Just kidding! You may revamp your pizza by plucking out the toppings.

Add these toppings to your breakfast omelet. Doing so will add an extra layer of fiber to your protein-rich meal!  

Healthy Fried Rice

  Healthy Fried Rice 6 Amazing Ways to Spice Up Your Leftover Food  

No one likes to consume a day-old rice on its own, but we feel guilty for wasting food. Avoid this unpleasant feeling by giving your leftover rice a personality. You do not have to spend countless of hours in the kitchen because you can make a veggie fried rice. Fry the rice with eggs and beans to provide a potent protein punch!


Alternatively, you may turn your rice into a pudding. Rice pudding is a traditional dessert. Filipinos’ own version of Western rice pudding is the yummy Champorado (chocolate rice pudding). Treat yourself the day after by browsing through the easy recipes of rice pudding.


Wrap It Down

  Wrap It Down 6 Amazing Ways to Spice Up Your Leftover Food  

I imagine the traditional setup when I envision wraps and burritos. Beans, ground meat, cheese, onions, and veggies seem to go well together. However, you may spice things up by adding leftovers from other cuisines (e.g., Thai or Indian). Wrap your leftovers along with some potatoes and veggies in a tortilla.


Do not hesitate to use your creative juices!

Anna Agoncillo

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