A Simple Way to Apply for a Student Visa for Australia

Applying A Student Visa For Australia

  Filipino students avails the Student Visa Program of Australia  

Around the world there are a lots of people coming in to Australia using a student visa, some of them became permanent resident in Australia through the student visa.  To study in Australia you will need to apply for both admission to the university and also for the student visa from the Australian Government.  For Filipinos who wished to enter Australia and hopeful of getting a permanent visa may apply for a student visa as a ticket to Down Under.

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To apply for a student visa here is a simple way to follow

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  1. You need to decide on your preferred course and institution. You can do your homework by visiting different universities’ website in Australia or by visiting www.studyinaustralia.gov.au. If you have more information about the course you will take and where to study in Australia, then you have no difficulty in applying for the student visa.

  3. Apply to the institution you wished to study in Australia and the course you will take by simply logging in their websites or simply you can download the form and send it back to them after filling in the application. Other universities may asked for additional documents of your previous studies, they will also look into your English capability including IELTS before deciding whether or not you will be able to cope with the demands of the subjects under your preferred course.    After a few days, if you meet the initial criteria and your application is successful, you will receive a “Letter of Offer”. To confirm your offer you must respond to this letter by signing and sending an acceptance of offer back to the institution.    This can be usually be done by mail or by scanning and emailing the letter. The Letter of Offer is a contract between you and the institution.  It sets out the course you will be enrolled in, enrollment conditions, the fees you need to pay, and the refund payable if you don’t complete your course with the institution.    This contract is very important- if you don’t start your course, or finish your course, this written agreement will be used to determine if you will receive a refund. So, before signing it, be sure you read it carefully and fully understands all its provisions and always keep a copy for yourself before you send it back.

  5. After sending the Letter of Offer and paid your deposit, you will receive your Confirmation of Enrollment or CoE.  It will outline the duration of the course, it will also contain the requirement if you will need to undergo additional English training, and the cost of the whole program.  It will also contain the cost of the private health fund that you will additionally need to cover your health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia.

  7. Apply for the student visa through the Australian embassy located in the Philippines.  You will need following:

    • The Confirmation of Enrolment or CoE.

    • Your Philippine passport.

    • Health Certificates.

    • Statements on source of Funds, basically you will need to show the Australian Embassy that you can afford to study and live in Australia during the duration of the program.

  9. The student visa application usually takes 6-12 weeks from the date of the lodgment to the Australian Embassy.  If your application for the  student visa is successful or unsuccessful, you received a letter through registered mail informing on the status of your student visa application.  You will receive a Pre-approved Student Visa from the Australian Embassy if your application is successful.    At this time, they will still hold your passport and will only release it when you have already paid and finalized your enrolment with the school.  You will need to pay the school using a credit card,bank cheque  or telegraphic transfer through any Philippine bank.    Depending on the course, you will need around $AUD 15,000.00 to cover for the payment of the first trimester and for the Health insurance for the duration of the whole study program.  Forward the receipt to the Australian Embassy and your passport will be returned together with your student visa that will allow you to travel in and out of Australia, as well as you can work while studying in Australia.   For more information on acquiring student visa in Australia you can visit the website of the Australian Embassy in the Philippines or the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.

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Before getting there, always do your homework by searching to different Filipino communities in Australia that will help you get through the first few days of your stay in Australia.    You will have a lot options where to stay in Australia, including dormitories in universities, shared accommodation through the help of the Filipino communities in Australia or stay in with a family or Au Pairs in Australia.

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