Australia, a haven for Filipino migrant workers

Thousands of Filipino are now migrating and working in Australia due to its economic stability and non-discriminatory migration policy. Due to good working environment and migration opportunities many Filipinos wish to work and live there. There are a lot job opportunities in different fields of work, from Accounting to technical jobs and lots of other jobs in between. Skilled workers are in great demand and by the year 2025, Australia will need 1.4 Million additional workers as per Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce. For this great reason, many skilled Filipinos fly to Australia to send money back to their homeland to support their loved ones. Filipinos are known to be one of the most hardworking people in the world. That is why a lot of Filipino workers are in demand especially in Australia. It is known the fact that Filipinos are prefer to be hire by many foreign employers because Filipinos are dedicated, loyal and productive in everything they do. As seen over the years, Australia has been a haven for Filipinos who want to have a better career and better life for them to provide remittance to their loved ones. The continuous need for doctors and nurses, the growing mining sector, and other skilled workers open doors for people planning to build their future in the “Land Down Under”. Skilled worker migration is essential for them to be able to expand the workforce deficit. Australia’s wage is expected to keep on rising faster than in any other western countries. Moreover, Australia is offering many benefits and incentives for its migrant workers making it one of the premiere destinations for tourist and working immigrants especially for most of Overseas Filipino Working aspirants.