AUSTRALIA: Filipinos’ educated choice

Australia is rapidly becoming a preferred destination for Filipinos interested in studying internationally. Universities and colleges in Australia are popular due to their excellent reputation and benefits for international students, which makes them among top 5 best countries to study in. According to Australian Education International (AEI) statistics, there were 4,081 student enrolled in Australia from the Philippines as of February 2012. Higher education sector or Bachelors and post-graduate degree programmes, ranked first preferred level of study. Filipinos are increasingly taking up courses in commerce, information technology and nursing. Vocational Education and Training (VET) ranked second by volume of enrolments and of commencements.  Australia’s vocational courses are popular with Filipino and other international students because they offer industry-linked skills and training, which is important to employers.  The most popular fields of vocational study for Filipinos are business management, hospitality and network communications. Based on research by AEI, 24 Australian universities are included in top 500 list of the Academic Rankings of World Universities (ARWU) in 2011. Australia’s education system is highly regarded worldwide . Furthermore, Australia is a multicultural country, Filipinos can feel a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Pleasant and enjoyable lifestyles also attract international students to choose Australia. There are also a lot of activities, outside studying, to suit any preference. Filipino students as well as other international students can enjoy the unique experiences. From beaches, mall shopping, dining, sightseeing to outdoor activities. Those mentioned above are reasons why increasing number of Filipinos choose to study in Australia.