Australia offers world class education

How can you be sure that universities and learning institutions in Australia offers quality education for their international students? According to authority, Australia provides international students with the most rigorous consumer protection in the world. Students from different parts of the globe go to Australia because of the high standard of training system offered and because Australia is an friendly and safe place to live. Australia introduced the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act of 2000. ESOS ensures that training institutions must first meet requirements and standards for registration like marketing activities, education delivery, facilities and student support services to enrol international students. All registered institution are available and listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) for public. Furthermore, the Australian Government and Australian educational institutions joined forces to establish the Australian International Education Foundation (AIEF) to promote internationally the high quality and standard of education, training and research opportunities which Australia has to offer. The partnership embodied in the AIEF reflects the commitment from all parties to promote and deliver quality education and training services and to pursue excellence in international study and research. Below are some of the reasons to help you in your final decision – which may well be one of the most important decisions in your career:
  • Australia’s education system is of the highest international standard.
  • Degrees, diplomas and other awards receive worldwide recognition.
  • For students coming from Asia and the South Pacific there are frequent direct air connections to the east and west coast of Australia. We also have similar time zones.
  • Australia’s multi-cultural society makes it a very attractive option for both non-English speaking and English speaking students.
  • Because of Australia’s vast size and the consistently high standard of education and training delivery, one of the most difficult decisions for any international student will be deciding where to study. Universities, colleges and schools are not only situated in all the larger cities, but many are also located in small rural towns and coastal villages.
  • Australia’s size also offers an enormous diversity of climate to suit all tastes. Choices range from cool and moist to hot and tropical, with regions in between enjoying a warm temperate climate.
  • Most institutions offer excursions for international students to places of interest, both locally and, quite often much further afield. Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to discover and should be a priority for any overseas visitor. Australia’s living conditions are among the highest in the world and the generally fine weather encourages a healthy, relaxed lifestyle with a strong emphasis on outdoor life and sport. There is an abundance of fresh, local produce, meat and local seafoods. Specialty imported foods are also widely available.
  • Living and tuition costs compare favourably with other countries of a similar standard Australia is strongly promoted as a multi-cultural society and has become home to a wide variety of citizens from numerous ethnic backgrounds. International students should have no difficulty in meeting others from their home country, and neighbouring countries in their region.

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