Australian Food Icon That You Should Try

A country like Australia that has a lot of immigrants from everywhere in the world often does not have its own typical food. The Australian cuisine is influenced by various of cultures like British, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Asian food to name few. However, there are certain types of food that Australians strongly claimed as ‘Australian’. If you’re a tourist or new migrant in Australia you should try the following typical Australian foods that are part of Australian life, culture and heritage. Vegemite Spread Australian Food Icon That You Should Try Vegemite Vegemite is a dark brown food paste made from yeast extract and various vegetable and spice additives. It tastes salty with a subtle bitterness. The most common way of eating Vegemite is on toasted bread with butter. It was invented in 1922 by Dr. Cyril Callister, a chemist employed by the Fred Walker Company (later bought by Kraft). Locals are brought up eating Vegemite from the time they are small children. A Vegemite sandwich is a counterpart of peanut butter and jelly sandwich to Americans.  Australian Food Icon That You Should TryAustralian Meat Pie Australians consider hand-sized meat pie as one of the popular food in the country; This favorite takeaway food for Australian is filled with ground beef, gravy and covered with “tomato sauce”; This small pie is popular in school, sporting events and on construction sites.

Sausage Roll13975 Australian Food Icon That You Should Try Australians love to spend their weekend or free time with ‘barbie’. Sausage roll is a puff pastry filled with sausage meat that has been spiced with onions and various herbs. Like the meat pie, it is also served with tomato sauce on top. BBQ’s are part of every important event of the year.

pavlova2 Australian Food Icon That You Should Try Pavlova Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert named after the Russian Prima Ballerina, Anna Pavlova. Australian chef Bert Sachse was credited with inventing the Pavolva at the Esplanade Hotel in Perth in 1935.  

ANZAC Biscuit Australian Food Icon That You Should Try ANZAC Biscuits are crunchy cookies that usually consist of golden syrup, rolled oats and desiccated coconut. The biscuits were named after the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. It played a role in Australian heritage. During WW1, women used to bake and sent it to their soldiers.