Australia’s Sports and Recreational Activities

Australia is a country with opportunities to enjoy different recreational activities. Outdoor sports and recreation are a way of life to share with family and friends. States/territories have their own theatres, sports fields, museums and galleries; where people can meet to enjoy amazing shows and sports event.

Almost all Australians are so obsessed with sports and have achieved good results. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Australia ranked sixth overall in the medal tally behind the United States, China, Great Britain, Germany and Russia. In the 2006 Football World Cup, Australia reached the final 16.

Survey shows that more than 11 million Australians aged 15 years and over participated at least once a week in physical activity for exercise, recreation and sport which are equivalent to 70 percent participation rate.

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Some of popular physical and sport activities in Australia are aerobics, walking, running, cycling, golf, tennis, soccer, swimming, skiing, hockey, netball and cricket.

Cricket is often known as Australia’s national sport due to its equal popularity in all parts of the country. Research shows that 93.6% of Australians watched at least some cricket on TV in 2010-2011 year, the highest penetration of any sport in Australia.

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