Average Salary in Australia

According to 2011/2012 salary survey, average annual income in Australia is around 72,960 AUD.

Australia is among the most valuable places to live around the world. Their unemployment rate was around 5% at the end of year 2011. That is considerably less than in United Kingdom and United States. Australian economic status is comparatively high. If you are a skilled worker you will earn good money. The employer in Australia normally also has to pay an extra 9%, on top of basic income, into a super fund of individual choice. Country estimates before the addition of the 9% super, show this average incomes:
  • Full-time adult ordinary time earnings: $64,650 per year
  • Full-time adult total earnings: $67,110 per year
  • Male full-time total earnings: $72,620 per year
  • Female full-time total earnings: $57,520 per year