Before applying for a job

As part of equal and free society, Overseas Filipino Workers and Migrants can enjoy the Australian lifestyle including the right to work and earn for a living. Before you start work, there are a few things of which you should accomplish as per Australian Immigration:

Bank account In most cases you need a bank account to receive your pay.

Tax File Number (TFN) This is most important. You need a TFN for your tax file number declaration.

TFN Declaration You must complete a TFN declaration for each employer for whom you work. Your employer calculates the tax rate you pay with information you provide on this form. If you do not give your TFN, you will pay the maximum rate of tax. Your employer will give you a TFN declaration to complete.

Occupational health, safety and welfare Employers have a duty to protect your health and safety in the work place. When you start a new job, your employer must give you instruction, training and supervision on health and safety matters. Depending on the job you have, your employer will supply you with safety clothing and equipment.

Taxation You pay income tax on all money that you earn. Your employer takes tax out of all employees pay and sends it to the tax office. At the end of the financial year (30 th June), you receive a statement showing your total pay for the year and the tax paid by you. You use this statement for your tax return.

Superannuation This is a special savings system to save money for your older age, when you no longer work. Your employer must contribute to your superannuation as part of your pay. You can choose to contribute to any fund approved by the government. If you already have a superannuation savings fund overseas, there is important information that you can find out about from the tax office.

The Australian job market is very competitive. Getting the job you want depends largely on economic factors, the type of work, qualifications and skills. Once you have found the job that is suitable for you. You will usually require of the following: –A Resume showing your personal information, job experiences, qualifications and education. –A cover letter stating what position you wish to apply for and why you should be considered for that position based on your skills, qualifications and job related experiences. –Copies of references from previous employers along with their contact details on your resume. –Copies of educational and training certificates relevant to the work. Finding a job can be very challenging especially for those who are new to Australia. But, getting the job you want can be easier with the help of Australian government and private agencies. You can check out the previous iremit article about options on where to look for work in Australia.