Cast No Vote for Filipinos in Australia

Cast No Vote for Filipinos in Australia

Election is where we freely express our cites and feelings on the changes we would like to have in a nation. Filipinos are also given the chance to cast their ballots even though they are away from their homeland. May 13 election is quite close and there is a possibility that thousands of Filipinos overseas may not be able to vote including those who are in Australia. The ballot envelopes that were sent to the addresses in Australia were returned for non delivery. Sydney consulate alone has round about 2,800 registered voters are at risk of not being able to vote on May 13 election and those undelivered ballot envelopes were caused of a non recognised addresses, incorrect addresses or incomplete addresses. Voters can contact Ms. Lanie Cariaga at 9285-8105 and can give their complete details like complete name, complete address, mobile or landline or any alternative lines of their relatives or friends and you may also contact Consulate Duty Officer at 0415-426400.

To learn more about our Philippine Consulate in Australia, you can check out their website at and try to get information on how we can resolve the ballot envelopes for the May 13 Election.


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