Clothing Standards in Australia

In modern times, Australia does not have a national costume. Australian clothing is similar to that worn in other westernised nations. The types of clothing that Australian people wear reflect the cultural diversity in the society just as much as the variation in climate. There are no corresponding rules on clothing, but you must wear certain clothing/dress in your workplace. Outside the work situation, clothing is your own choice – many people dress for comfort, for the social or weather situations. Clubs, bars, movie house and other places require that you dress properly and appropriately. Many Australians live near the beach. On summer days, they may use their swim wears or less clothes around the beach. This does not mean that people who swimsuits to go to the beach have low moral standards. In some Australian states/territories, there are also a small number of designated nude beaches where people may swim without clothes on. People from other countries can choose to wear culturally appropriate dress.