Convenient and Cheapest Way to Send Money to the Philippines

There are many ways of sending money to the Philippines.  OFW or foreign partners in Australia  sends money to the Philippines regularly.  Sending money sometimes can be stressful if you do it a lot. If you send money frequently, it only makes sense that you send money as fast, cost effective and easily as much as possible.  Sending or transferring money are never free especially if you’re sending money from one country to another. Aside from the service fee, you will have to consider the lead time of reaching it to your recipient’s account.

Most people will usually choose  to use the most convenient method of sending money to the Philippines even if it isn’t the cheapest one.

moneytransfer  Convenient and Cheapest Way to Send Money to the Philippines

Money Transfer Agents

    There are a number of companies specialized in sending and pick up money.  They all have in common that they are fast, but they are rather expensive if you will consider the cost of going to their place just to pick and send money because it requires a special trip.

Bank to Bank Money Transfer

    Using online banking or online money transfers company is already convenient.  Doing everything online is the most easiest, fast and cost effective.  There are some online money transfer services that uses bank to bank money transfer.  I-Remit to the Philippines, uses the bank to bank money transfer as method in sending money to the Philippines. It is fast, reliable and cost-effective way of sending money to the Philippines.  It will only cost you $7.00 AUD as service fee, and your recipient’s account does not have to pay anything for receiving the money you sent them.

The bottom line is, it is up to you to investigate and find out for yourself which is convenient and cheapest way for you to send money to the Philippines.  You have yo weigh the pros and cons in using each methods.  No one can choose it for you, you have to make a lot of research on different websites that offers the most convenient and cheapest method of sending money to the Philippines.

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