Cost of Living of OFW’s in South Australia

Living in South Australia is very affordable, it offers a  significantly cheaper living than its interstate peers. South Australia is a global supplier of minerals, wines, cars, cereals, seafood and meat. It is in fact the world’s sixth largest wine producers, it is known as the State of Festivals and Wine.

South Australia and its Capital City of Adelaide are increasingly being chosen as the ideal location to live, work and do business.  Adelaide is one of the least expensive developed cities in the world.  The city is also  considerably cheaper than other major Australian cities.

South Australia’s key industries  centered on advanced manufacturing, aerospace and aviation, automotive production, bioscience, agribusiness and defense technology as the major industries. Other industries in South Australia includes health, Information and computer technology (ICT), electronics, minerals and energy, tourist and water management.  The building industry is another area that the continues to experience great demand. Because of the booming industries in manufacturing and mining, Adelaide launched a campaign to attract migrants in search with skilled workers.  Expats from different countries including the Philippines had enjoyed this great opportunity to be working in the Down Under.

Filipinos here in South Australia usually holds the 457  Visa. The 457 Visa is a scheme programmed by the Australian government for the continued growth of Australia to attract skilled workers for work in Australia.  Filipinos and other foreigners holding a 457 Visa are earning base salaries that are $10,708 or 15% higher than the Australian average citizen for full time employee.  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in Tasmania and South Australia where the number of 457 Visa holders including Filipinos  is growing fast the recent salaries they get are 33% and 47% respectively above the state average. The largest industry pay differentials in favour of 457 holders occurs in the arts and recreation services (36% above average), retail trade (32% above average), construction (23% above average), and manufacturing (22% above average).

south australia industry Cost of Living of OFWs in South Australia

South Australia has higher income and provides lower cost of living compared to other states in the country.  This is typified by the low cost of capital.  Adelaide, which has the lowest average of house price compare to all cities in Australia.  With the low cost of houses and lower cost of living with higher income means you can spend on leisure activities within the region or spend more on food. South Australia has a really affordable lifestyle.

But how about if you are a Filipino holding the 457 Visa, how will you able to fit in your salary and afford the cost of living in South Australia when most of your earnings will go to your family back home in the Philippines?  Study the graph, it will give you some points on how to survive and afford the cost of living here in South Australia without jeopardizing the lifestyle you are giving to your family back home in the Philippines.

This is based on the cost of living in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.  Based on the monthly median salary of $4,000.00.

 Cost of Living of OFWs in South Australia

Grocery cost items such as consumables, cleaning products, dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables, general food products, snacks, soft drinks are very high in comparison to other places in the region. Alcohol and Tobacco cost for items such as beer, spirits, wine and tobacco related products such as cigarettes are very high in comparison to other places in the region. House accommodation costs for items such as apartment purchase, mortgage rate, rental fee and utilities are very high in comparison to other places in the region. Transportation cost items such as  fuel, public transport,  vehicle purchases and maintenance are very high in comparison to other places in the region.    

dining out south australia Cost of Living of OFWs in South Australia

Eating out in Adelaide is cheaper than in other cities with no much world-class wine and the fresh produce emerging from the nearby Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula.

beside the beach south australia Cost of Living of OFWs in South Australia

Filipinos who are currently living in the region with the 457 Visa has an average wage of as much as 36% above average of the  earning base salaries have a better chance of survival, can afford the lifestyle living in Adelaide and can send more money to the Philippines for their loved ones if they know how to budget their earnings well.


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