Costs in Sending Money to the Philippines

Sending money to the Philippines should not give us a headache and should not put a hole in our pocket just to send money to our loved ones.  Here at I-Remit to the Philippines, we offer competitive rates in our foreign exchange and have the lowest transfer fee in sending money to your loved ones in the Philippines.

Here is a comparison of the different remittance companies in Australia and their sending rates.

Companies in Australia
PeraMax AUD 9.95
Iremit to the Philippines AUD 7.00
BM Express AUD 8.00
Forex Australia AUD 8.00
MFF Remit AUD 8.00
Jalandoni Remittances AUD 9.00
Triple 8 Remittance AUD 12.00
All Safe International Pty Ltd AUD 12.00
Sydney Forex Pty Ltd AUD 10.00


As you can see in the table, most of the Remittance operators have a higher rate in sending your money to the Philippines.  Others still have hidden charges that they top up if you are sending money to the provinces in the Philippines.

rush hour south australia 150x150 Costs in Sending Money to the Philippines

As we would like you to get the most sent out to your loved ones, We at I-Remit to the Philippines have standardized our sending fee rate of AUD 7.00 per transaction and to send your money to the Philippines to any bank account of your choice in the Philippines.  So when you are sending money to the Philippines, always remember to avail of our competitive exchange rate and especially our lowest service in sending money to the Philippines.


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