Family life in Australia

In Australia, Men and women have equal rights and responsibilities which might be different from what you are used to. It is a common for men and women to go to work and share household chores like taking care of children, cleaning the house, cooking for the whole family. It is important to adjust to your new life as a family in Australia. Some people might find it difficult to understand and accept the Australian way of life. You may seek help from the available services offered by the government and community which are listed below. MARRIAGE AND RELATIONSHIPS Family Relationship Advice Line (Contact: 1800 050 321) is a national telephone service that gives advices on family issues and on parenting arrangements. It also help families to build good relationships or deal with separation. Family Relationships Online is a website that provides information about family relationships and separation including services that help parents develop appropriate arrangements for children after separation. Men’s Line Australia (Contact: 1300 789 978) provides information and counseling to help men regarding family life problem or their primary relationships problem. YOUNG PEOPLE There are community agencies that deliver programs for young people between 12 and 25 years of age. The Commonwealth Government’s Australian Youth website provides a range of information about services for young people in your state or territory. For information about recreational and other activity programs for young people you can also contact your local council. PARENTS Disciplining children is an important part of parenting, but physical punishment in Australia is illegal. You can use other forms of discipline like taking away privileges or sending your child to their room. There are family and parenting support service to help you if you are having problems with disciplining your children. They are Kidsafe, MyChild, Raising Children Network and Parenting young adults. Child Support Agency (CSA) helps separated parents take responsibility for the financial support of their children. The Child Support Agency is responsible in assisting separated parents to transfer payments for the benefit of their children. They can help explain your child support options and have a range of self-help tools.