Filipinos in Australia: Quick Facts

Filipinos in Australia Quick Facts Filipinos in Australia: Quick Facts


Australia is a great alternative for Filipinos in search of greener pastures. As with the US, English is the predominant language but the weather is much more similar to that of the Philippines (watch out for those scorching-hot summers, though!) and the culture is a lot more laid-back. The exchange rate’s pretty favorable and relatively more stable too.


So, what’s the Filipino community like Down Under? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Filipinos became the third-largest migrant groups after those coming from the United Kingdom and New Zealand during the late 1980’s, partly because of a boom in intermarriages between Filipinas and Australians in the previous decade.

  • Filipinos in Australia are the fifth-largest subgroup of Overseas Filipinos.

  • As of this writing, Filipinos are the fourth largest Asian immigrant group in Australia, after Vietnamese Australians, Indian Australians, and Chinese Australians.

  • The Filipino community in Australia is predominantly female: 65.5% of the registered population are women while the remaining 34.5% are men.

It’s also worth noting that the Filipino community Down Under is a vibrant community that regularly holds events celebrating its shared heritage. The Philippine Embassy also hosts events like the 2017 Adelaide Mobile Mission to assist Filipinos with official concerns (e.g., documentary requirements and processing).