Filipinos in Perth

Perth is the capital and largest city of the Australian State of Western Australia.  It is the most populated city in Australia with an estimated population of 1.9 million living in greater Perth. Perth has a vast land almost limitless which is very rich with natural resources where there is no difficulty getting work and getting paid.

Perth is surprisingly a mixing pot of different cultures.  Due to the high rate of migration to Perth, there is slightly less than half of Perth’s residents were born outside Australia.  Because of its booming economy and proximity to Southeast Asia and Africa led to the influx of migrants from the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and South Africa.  Its cultural diversity is reflected in different cuisine available in Perth.

From the 2001 Census, there were 5,400 Philippines-born persons in Western Australia which increased by 13 percent from 1996-2001.  Almost every year there is an increase in number of Filipinos coming in to Perth. With the current booming economy, driven by its mining and resources boom, there are lots of job opportunities for Filipinos in Perth to choose.  From accounting, translation, interpretation, laborers, skilled ICT staff, engineers to health care professionals as the country’s ageing health workforce begins to retire.  This huge demand of workforce is an opportunity for those Filipinos who aspires to fulfilling their dream of working and migrating to Australia.

 Filipinos in Perth

Filipino workers are known for its trait as being a hard worker, conscientious, and loyal.  They are known to be the most industrious individuals in the world striving hard to excel in everything that they do. That is why some foreign investors and employers demands to employ Filipino workers because of these traits.

With the growing Filipino workforce in Perth, fellow citizens that are very concerned to every Filipinos safety and welfare established different communities to protect the rights and bested interest of many Filipinos in Perth.

FAMAS Perth or The Filipino Australian Multicultural Association Incorporated is a non-profit organization that aims to promote cross-cultural awareness and unite all Filipino Australian Communities. This is also open to all nationalities that shows interest to the Filipino culture.  They also aimed to promote camaraderie and understanding through various projects and events.

Filipino Australian Club of Perth aims to foster spirit of friendship, cultivate and share cultural values and creative strength of the Filipino heritage within the multicultural community of Western Australia.

Tunog Pinoy, this is the radio station for the Philippine community.  This program started in September 2011 with sponsorship from the CADENA multicultural association.  It is a relaxed mix of news, music, interviews and other items presented in Tagalog. Dial 95.3 on your local FM station for Perth and suburbs or follow links in the 6EBA website and listen directly to your favorite program.  The program is looking for more sponsors to be able to continue in delivering its service for the Filipino community in and around Perth and other parts of Western Australia.  You can reach them at (08) 9227 5953, visit their Facebook page Tunog Pinoy Perth or email them at

You can also visit different Filipino stores found in Perth whenever your Filipino supplies are running out from the kitchen’s cupboard. Or you can go to some of the Filipino restaurants there whenever your taste buds is looking for a Filipino taste.  Here are some of the Filipino stores and restaurants located in Perth.

Filipino Stores and Restaurants

Athena Filipino Shop- General Store

Location:    74 Warton Rd., Huntingdale

Perth, Western Australia 6110

PH:          93987709



Filipino Oriental Store – Grocey

Location :     2 The Crs, Midland Western Australia 6056

Phone No.    (08)92507635

The Manila Restaurant – Restaurant

Location:    1236 Albany Hwy, Cannington, WA 6107, Australia

PH:        +61 8 94519990



Phoenix Asian Store

Location: Shop 3, 252 Rockingham Road, Spearwood WA

PH: +61 8 94188921

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It is not easy to an OFW, you are in a foreign country and miles away from your loved ones. You will always feel homesick and alone, but you can always count on to your fellow countrymen to ease that feeling.  Join the different activities launched by the different Filipino communities in your area.

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