Renting or Buying a house in Australia

Australian cities offer housing varies in price, size and style depending on the state you choose to stay. Homes are more often sold by real estate agent but sometimes directly sold by private owners. Properties, may it be for rental or sale will commonly advertised in print advertisements. Renting a house In searching a house, a real estate office’s member will assist you to find, check and decide on a flat or a house that’s suitable for you to rent. A certain paper work is needed before you can rent a property. You will need to pay rent in advance and sign a lease or legal contract. As a renter, you should follow what’s stated on the agreement and that you have the rights as well as obligations. You can get more details on government website in your state below: Australian Capital Territory  / New South Wales / Northern Territory  / Queensland  / South Australia  Tasmania  / Victoria  / Western Australia.   Public Housing Rental housing is provided by Territory and State government, called public housing, for people on low incomes. The rent is often a fixed part of your income. There is a very long waiting list for public housing. Emergency housing may be available in some cases of extreme need. For more information about public housing in a particular state or territory check below: Australian Capital Territory  / New South Wales  / Northern Territory  / Queensland  / South Australia Tasmania  / Victoria  / Western Australia Buying a House It’s everyone big dream to have their own house and call it their home. Buying a house is a big deal and quite hard. Houses cost a lot of money, equal several years of your salary. It pays to know your rights as a buyer. Each territory and states offer a wide array of housing options. Many migrants in Australia often rent before they own house and lot to decide where they live. Most people choose to reside to where they study and work.