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Now that you have your much awaited Australian Visa, it is time to plan your trip to Australia and Book your flights.   Planning    Planning your trip is dependent on how long you are planning to stay, the purpose of your visit, the month you are visiting and area of Australia you are visiting.   It is very important to consider which part of Australia you are flying to because Australia is big and the weather varies where you are. You can be in Sydney where you can survive on a regular Philippine clothes of pants and shirt but if you go further south, say anywhere in Tasmania, you would need warmer clothes.   Before you start packing your bag, go to and click on “Plan Your Trip” tab. This will give you of an idea of what to bring, and when to bring it.   Packing   Australia is very strict with what you can and can’t bring.  Visit to see very detailed information on what you cannot bring into Australia.   If you are coming as a tourist, try to avoid bringing too much paper works as Australian Border Security can be a bit suspicious when you do. We Filipinos understand what paper works are for as we have to always “over prove” ourselves every time we travel outside the Philippines, but this necessity is lost and is not well understood by other nationalities who can just freely travel around the world without being questioned.   – E.g, bringing a company certificate is a Proof of source of income in the Philippine – we understand this but the Australians might see this as an attempt to find a job in Australia. See a Filipina being questioned in this Border Security  episode.   Philippine Police Clearance   To avoid hassle, generally do NOT bring food. Any type of food needs to be declared, which means you have to open your baggage and show everything to the Customs Officer. You cannot bring in a simple Mango or a pre-packed Tatay cooked Binagoongan from the Philippines – any other Filipino food for that matter. When they see this, the officers will ask you to throw it away. I have personally experienced this and was told I cannot bring it in because it is not commercially canned or packed.  
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Filipino Food. Typical Filipino Breakfast

  Do not in any way bring bullets (bala ng baril) , we Filipinos understand that this can be  in our wallet or pendant for swerte or anting anting reason BUT you will be questioned and can be fined on the spot if you attempt to bring this in. Worse, your visa can be cancelled on the spot.   You cannot bring any illegal drugs in any form.   If you are bringing prescription medicine of over 3 months’ supply, you have to bring and be prepared to show your Doctor’s prescription. Note that contraceptive pills is considered a prescription medicine in Australia. So if you have 1 year supply , you have to declare it.   Ensure that your shoes, boots, bikes and trolleys are not MUDDY or hindi maputik. The border officers are concerned about bringing in possible bio hazard from overseas via your footwear or any wheeled items. When they see any sign of mud or putik, you will be questioned and these items will not be allowed to enter the Australia.     Flying to Australia From Manila   There are several airlines you can look into when flying to Australia from Manila. Ofcourse, we highly recommend our very own Philippine Airlines and our budget Airline, Cebu Pacific.      
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