House Of Hancock

Last Sunday, Channel 9 aired the premier episode of the House Of Hancock.   It is described as “The epic story of the Hancock dynasty and the bizarre relationship between mining tycoon Lang Hancock, his daughter Gina Rinehart and the beautiful Filipina housekeeper Rose Lacson.”   The TV show is based on a true life story of one of the richest family in Australia and our very own Kababayan Rose Lacson – housekeeper turned wife of a multi millionaire.   Story line is a typical rags to riches drama. Rose is a housekeeper, single mom with 1 daughter she has to send to school. Lang Hancock is the rich (very) old boss. There is 40 year age gap. There is ofcourse,  millions of dollars worth of estates.   Rose is a Filipina housekeeper who can karaoke her way from a housekeeper to a wife in 2 years.  What can I say, who can say no to a Filipina beauty ?   Rose Portrayed to be Singing Kareoke   It’s a good story for a TV series but how much of this is true. I went online to have a read and chat with “older” Aussies and found that a lot of it is true actually!   Apparently Lancock marrying her Filipina housekeeper is a BIG BIG news 20 years ago. The lawsuits between   Hancock’s daughter and Rose went for over a decade. Rose, to top all controversy, also decided to marry Lanconck’s friend just mere months after his death. Few years later, her daughter appeared on Australian media saying “my mother deserves to be called a gold digger”.  
Rose with Lang House Of Hancock

Rose Lacson with Lang Hancock in Photo (Source: Channel 9)

  Rose, a native of  Bacolod City, still resides in Perth and is very popular with the Australian media.   Aside from the very weird Filipino accent of the Vietnamese actress playing Rose and grammatically incorrect Tagalog lines, it’s a good show. Watch it on Chanel 9 every Sunday or go to their website at