I-Remit to the Philippines: cheapest remittance service for Pinoy in Australia

Get annoyed no more and say goodbye to unreasonable bank fees and hidden charges that significantly reduce your hard-earned money remittance to loved ones in the Philippines. Overseas Filipino remittances are very much needed as the OFW families in the Philippines suffer from hardships brought about by poverty, natural calamity and global economic recession. With the aim to help OFWs and Pinoy migrants in Australia, I Remit to the Philippines offers the cheapest and cost-effective service fee in sending remittance to the Philippines. I Remit to the Philippines believes that hard-working OFWs should have an equally hard-working remittance service that gives best value to their money. Now remittance and money transfer to the Philippines can be done cheaply and easily through a I Remit to the Philippines 3-in-1 Visa Remit Card. Overseas Filipinos can now send money to the Philippines at a very low cost for $4 Australian dollars with I Remit to the Philippines 3-in-1 Visa Remit Card. Pinoy families can avail of the visa remit card for free. OFWs work well and sacrifice time away from their loved ones just to earn for a living. Basically, they send financial support via a remittance service like  I Remit to the Philippines so their loved ones can get their primary needs such as food, education, shelter, medical care and more.