Learning some of basic Australia’s social practices

Australians are known to be modest, laid-back people. As a tolerant society with diverse culture and lifestyle, each person is encouraged to maintain and share their cultural practices.

An Aussie gives value in relationships with family and friends. Australians call their friends “mate,” and do not usually use the word “friend.” In terms of greetings, when meeting someone for the first time, Australians practice a simple smile and handshake without any formalities. In the workplace and among friends, most Australians tend to be informal and call each other by their first names. They often say  “G’Day, mate.”

There are no laws or rules in clothing but there is dress code for work situations. Outside of workplaces, many people dress for comfort or wear clothes appropriate to the place.

If you get an invitation to lunch, dinner, “Barbie” or Barbeque or any type of event you will usually respond with a letter or phone call. The midday meal is called lunch, and the evening meal is called dinner or tea.You should reply whether you intend to go or not. The invitation will tell you how to reply and when the reply is expected. Your host may be specific about how many people are invited.

You should say “thank you” and “please” often in Australia. If you do not use them when offered something, people will think you are rude.

Being aware of Australian social customs is a great help in adapting to way of life in the community.

Australia’s diverse culture reflect its liberal democratic values and traditions, geographic closeness to the Asia–Pacific region and the socio-cultural influences of the millions of migrants who have settled in Australia.

Migrants have enriched almost every aspect of Australian life, from business to the arts, from cooking to comedy and from science to sport. They, in turn, have adapted to Australia’s tolerant, broadly and informal egalitarian society.

dot Learning some of basic Australias social practices

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