Moving to Australia: Before leaving your country

According to Australian Immigration Department, there are tasks to do before you leave your country to make sure your arrival in Australia is as smooth as possible. Financial matters Check that you complete all the financial and legal matters that affect you and your family. You may need to apply for bank accounts that operate from both your old and current country. Travel plans Prepare all your travel plans; It is important to have with you all contact details of your relatives, friends and especially sponsor in Australia, and give your new contact details to your family as well before you leave. Inform them of your itinerary and your flight. Important documents You will need some documents such as original copy of birth and marriage certificate, medical and work records when you arrive i Australia. You can bring school reports for children and your university or trade papers and of course your passport. Customs If you plan to bring electrical items with you, check that they meet Australian standards. If you plan to bring personal and household goods with you, check that they meet custom’s laws in Australia. We do not allow most animal and plant material and the country you leave may stop the export of religious and cultural items. The country you leave may limit the cash you take out. You must also declare large sums of overseas currency at customs when you arrive.