OFWs can send money to the Philippines thru I-Remit to the Philippines

Nowadays, there are several ways for Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs to send money to the Philippines.  These ways are as follows:
  • Remittance services of Philippine banks like BDO Remit or LBC remit
  • Internet banking or Electronic Bank Transfer
  • Non-bank remittance services like I-Remit to the Philippines or Western Union
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Payment processors like Paypal
Typically, You prefer a money transfer or remittance service depending on:
  • Safe and secure – Nakasisiguro ka ba sa serbisyo?
  • Remittance transaction charges– Mura ba ang serbisyong pagpadala?
  • Fast fund transfer – Kailan makakarating and ‘Pera Padala’ sa Pinas?
  • Exchange rate – Katumbas na halaga ng Peso?
One of the best ways to send money to the Philippines is through I-Remit to the Philippines. I-Remit to the Philippines is a remittance service available in Australia where there are OFWs and Filipino migrants. You can send up to $4,000 AUD (about 170,000 Pesos) daily to Philippine bank account of your family or iRemit 3-in-1 Visa Remit Card of your family and relatives. You can choose how your money remittance through I-Remit to the Philippines can reach your family and relatives:
  • Send Money to the Philippines Via Electronic Bank Transfer or Online Bank to Bank Transfer (Australian Bank to Australian Bank)
  • Send Money to the Philippines through Bank Deposits by visiting the nearest NAB, COMMONWEALTH, WESTPAC and ANZ bank
How much is the remittance fee? With the 3-in-1 Visa Remit Card, the service fee is at $4.00 per transaction, which is 50% more cost effective from the regular service fee at $8 per transaction to any Philippine bank account of your Family in the Philippines. How fast can the family receive the remittance?
  • Money transfer to an Iremit 3-in-1 Visa Card accounts –  same day of transfer (As soon as the fund cleared on Iremit to the Philippines account)
  • Money transfer to any major Philippine banks – within 1 to 2 days
How can I apply for an iRemit 3-in-1 Visa Remit Card for FREE? Just follow this 3 easy steps: 1. Fill out the 3-in-1 Visa Remit Card application form here. 2. Scan a valid ID of your beneficiary in the Philippines. 3. Send the application form and the scanned ID to iremit@iremit.com.au