Philippines Election Day Today

Years have passed by and for Filipinos whether they are in the country or abroad they are still after the Election Day Result. Why? We believe that eventhough they have gone from their motherland, they are still after every news and good feedback about the country’s change. First, their families are here and they always wanna hear some good news about the country for it means conditions and life of their families, relatives  and friends would also be somehow relieved though life in the Philippines is not that easy especially to those who don’t have enough money resources and unemployed than the typical Filipino familiies. Election Day is is what they believe would be a start of a new and brighter day for everyone. That if and only our selected candidates would have that faith and good works would really move the change, somehow, someday, Philippines would really be a better country to live in  and we won’t need to look farther for a job or any other greener pasture becaue Philippines itself is a green place and would become a desire for us and our OFWS to just stay and live here not just as a returning homeland every vacation after a year job but as their place of contentment. We all hope that these candidates would be someone who could help and reach out to a solution that has been long awaited by many Filipinos and thirst from seeing our country out of the rat race. Today is our chance to try again and pray that we will have the next people who will take lead of the country and lead to a great change. It is good that Filipinos abroad still have the chance to take part of this Election Day. Le us Vote wisely!!!

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