i-Remit to the Philippines Money Transfer Service

2016 i Remit to the Philippines Money Transfer Service
Looking for a money transfer service?

Want to send money to the Philippines, specifically to your family, relatives and friends? Then, I-Remit to the Philippines Pty. Ltd is the answer.

Overseas Filipino Worker and Migrants are known to be hardworking people. They often do part time other than their full time regular work for them to support their family back home. Time is so much valued and important to them. That’s why i-Remit to the Philippines makes it convenient for our ‘Kababayan’ to send remittance.

To ensure you secure and safe money remittance, apply for a I-Remit Philippines 3-in-1 Visa Remit Card, it’s easy and free. Just print and fill out This Application form. Scan the form along with your 1 valid ID and send to iremit@iremit.com.au.

You can also get one for your family in the Philippines. We’ll issue them a Free 3-in-1 Visa Card within two to four weeks.

i-Remit to the Philippines is committed in bringing Filipino customers the fast, reliable and cost-effective remittance service to the Philippines. SEND MONEY NOW!

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