Visiting Australia: Medical Treatment Short Stay Visa

Who is this visa for? This visa is for you if you are either:
  • planning any medical treatment or consultations in Australia except surrogate motherhood
  • travelling to Australia to donate an organ
  • accompanying or providing support to the person needing treatment.
This visa allows you to stay in Australia for up to 3 months. Your period of stay will depend on the period of treatment. This visa is not intended to cover any long period of recovery once you are deemed fit for travel. How to apply? Application to Visit Australia for medical treatment – Form 48MEUse this form to apply for a visa to visit Australia for medical treatment or to accompany someone who is seeking medical treatment. Obligations You must comply with your visa validity and conditions while in Australia. A breach of these conditions may result in your visa being cancelled and you may have to leave Australia. You will find information about your visa validity and conditions on the visa label in your passport. Extending your stay You can apply for a further visa:
  • if medical treatment will continue beyond the period of stay authorised by your visa
  • for a holiday, sightseeing, to visit friends or relatives or for other purposes
You must apply for and be granted your next visa before your existing visa expires.