What Is The Best Family Travel Advice When Flying With Kids?


 Planning to have a vacation is very much rewarding to yourself after the days of hard work and a great opportunity in spending quality time with your family.  If your family still has little kids, the idea of flying is the biggest single cause of stress for traveling parents.  Traveling with little kids presents a unique set of challenges especially when your family is taking a long flight.  The best way to do when you are planning to travel and it requires you to take a long flight, being prepared is the best key.

You can always research online for some helpful tips and some good advices to parents who wish to travel.  You can always check the do’s and dont’s when flying with little kids and what to bring as well.  Always remember that nothing beats when you are prepared.  Having different kids would mean different needs and attention. While your priorities will obviously getting to your destination in one piece, do also consider the comfort and happiness of your fellow passengers.

family flying with kids What Is The Best Family Travel Advice When Flying With Kids?Here are some helpful tips that might be of help once you will go travel and flying with your little kids.

  1.  You have to prepare your itinerary, bring the necessary documents needed especially when you are traveling overseas.  There are number of instances when you might need to carry extra documentation when traveling with little kids.  For instance, if you have an adopted child you must take with you his adoption papers, and if you are the only one parent traveling regardless of your marital status, you might be asked a proof of consent from the other parent for your child be allowed to travel.  This is more likely to happen in countries where overseas adoption and child trafficking is common. The standard requirement for authorization to travel are your child’s birth certificate, your marriage contract, if you are married; a signed written consent from the other parent confirming you can travel with the child.  If the other parent is no longer alive, you may need a death certificate as proof.family kids What Is The Best Family Travel Advice When Flying With Kids?
  2.  You have to be at the airport early.  If you are traveling overseas, it is best to be at the airport 4 hours before your scheduled flight if you are flying with little kids. Some airlines lets you checked in online that allows you to book preferred seats from home and cuts the queuing.  Some airlines allows you to checked in luggage in advance, sometimes a day before your flight, this will have your hands free to tend to your little kids while waiting for your flight schedule at the departure area.Child Airplane290x200 What Is The Best Family Travel Advice When Flying With Kids?
  3.  There are instances that little kids will be irritated, cranky, and restless and screaming because they are hungry, tired or bored.  Pack enough food for snacks, bring new toys and books.  Bring something that they have never seen and played before this will hold their attention more and provide them an opportunity to rest on the plane.  If you are traveling with a kid who has special needs, getting an identity bracelet that has details of your kid’s medical condition, treatment and then the doctor’s name and contact number is very useful in case of emergencies.  You can also consider labeling your kids like your name, address, contact numbers, flight details and your destination just in case you become separated in the airport, your kid can be returned to you.
  4.  If your kid is a first timer to fly, you need to talk to your kid before, during and after the flight so they know exactly what to expect.  Get them really excited about the whole experience and let them know that it is a big adventure.  A cuddled and a few calming words does wonders for comforting kids.family travel with kids What Is The Best Family Travel Advice When Flying With Kids?

But if you are well prepared and well informed before you leave home, flying with your kids can be very fun and an extremely rewarding experience.  You will create family memories together that will surely last theirs and yours for a lifetime.