Which Suits You Better: Entrepreneurship or Freelancing?

  Compared to the significant shifts in the previous decades, the contemporary workplace is entirely distinct. Millennials can expect to enter a jungle where hopping through varying positions or companies is a norm. Providing security is no longer the main purpose of a job. Truly, times have changed.   This is why more and more people are considering to run their own businesses. Before you jump into the uncertain world ahead, you must determine which type of workplace suits you best. Should you become a freelancer or an entrepreneur? Know what lies beyond the 9-to-5 job that you used to treasure deeply!   Which Suits You Better Entrepreneurship or Freelancing Infographic Which Suits You Better: Entrepreneurship or Freelancing?   We have shown you the major differences between freelancing and entrepreneurship. May these pointers help you to decide which workplace suits your lifestyle, skills, and personality.   Good luck!