Working in Australia

Even before you got here, it is definite that you had given much thought about working in Australia.   You must have asked yourself first, why bear the agony of missing the people that you love and care just so you could be employed in a foreign country?  I am sure there are many other factors that must have pulled you back and made you reconsider your decision of actually moving to Australia to work.  Leaving your family, being away from your comfort zone, food and culture change , etc.   Given the current state of the economy in the Philippines, there are many reasons to desire working outside of the country. Of course, it is not wise to choose another countries with similar economic situation as the Philippines. There is not much value moving to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and other countries with similar economic situation.    It is wiser to move and work in a better or highly developed economy; one with an actual high demand for human resource.   Australia is definitely one of these countries, I would say better than the US or the UK.  With only a total of population of 23,733,471 to date, it continues to require and invite skilled and educated Filipinos to work and fill up its lacking workforce. Not only is Australia open to the influx of Filipino skilled workers,  it also promises a relatively  generous pay in Australian Dollars when compared to other developed  countries.   When you work in Australia, you are almost guaranteed stability because of the relatively high pay and the contract set by the Australian government to protect workers from overseas.   Aside from the fact that the minimum wage is high compared to that of other developed countries, you can also take advantage of the very good exchange rate of AUD versus PHP.  When you send money to the Philippines, your 1 AUD dollar can acquire between 34 pesos to 44 pesos depending on the foreign exchange market. This is a huge advantage that would be enjoyed by your family left in the Philippines and yourself when you decide to go back home   Australia is a very peaceful country.  It is not known for chronic domestic strife which you may find in other highly developed societies such as those in the United States. Majority of Filipinos and other immigrants feel safe and secure in Australia .Because of this, a relatively good job security and foreign exchange rate,  many Filipinos have decided to come to the country and work.  There are also many who have decided to live here for good.  With a stable work in Australia, you would think of doing the same.

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